How to Select a Home Theatre Projector

Many people hate to go movies because of the high price of the movie tickets. The best solution for this is a home theatre projector. Though it may be a costly investment, it is equalized by the usage of the equipment for a long time. Many brands of projectors are available in the market. We must choose and buy the worthy one which suits our needs and our family needs. To properly install your home theatre projector and other accessories, it’s recommended to hire professional A/V Company services.

  • The first thing before selecting or buying a projector is to decide the budget for our purchase. The projectors are available at a wide variety of prices. Since projectors are costly the top quality projectors have a price range between $5,000 and $10,000. The consumer type projectors have a maximum range of $1,000.

  • The next thing before buying the projector is that we must have the adequate space in the home for the purpose of fitting the projector. We must first decide where we are going to place this equipment. The projector is a complicated equipment hence it needs good ventilation and good surrounding temperature not exceeding 25 degrees Celsius. In case of exceeding temperature we may have to fix air conditioning system.
  • There are certain specifications we must note down before buying the projector. One such specification is the projector’s brightness. We must check the ratings of the projector related to ANSI lumens. Projectors with moderate price have a specification of 1000 lumens. The expensive projectors have the ratings starting from 1500 lumens. The CRT projectors have a label with peak lumens. The more these lumens ratings the more clear and better image we can receive from the projector.
  • The resolution of the projector has to be in such a rating that it produces clear picture. The recent day movies are of high definition type. Hence the projector we buy must also be able to produce a good quality output of these movies. For HD movie the specification is 720p. For this the projector should have a native resolution of 1280×720. Moderately priced projectors are available with this feature. High cost projectors have the minimum of 1920×1080 native resolution.
  • The final but important thing about buying the projectors is that we must buy a good brand whose service parts are available in stores. The important part of a projector is its bulb. These come along with the package. The bulbs are to be handled very carefully since they are made of compressed air. It would be advisable that we leave the handling of the bulb to its professional. The projector bulbs are supposed to be carefully disposed. The manufacture will have the facility for this purpose. We have to just send the bulb to them in its package meant for replacement.

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