How to Rip DVDs to MPG file or an AVI file using DVDx

The DVDs can be ripped in PCs because of their high quality, but they have some drawbacks, as large sizes (4-9GB). So by ripping them to MPEG file or an AVI file, we have small and easily portable sizes with own file naming and video editing can also be done.

Download the DVDx archive file and click “DVDx Setup” to complete its installation in the computer and run this DVDx software. Then insert the movie DVD to rip and if the DVD is already saved on the computer then rip from there. Then on the menu bar options, open file window to browse the DVD. Next in the folder box, select VTS_01_0.IFO file in DVD’s target directory to the hard drive to load the movie source. On the input settings box select the movie which you want to encode if there are many movies by taking it from pull down menu which is in the top left corner.

Leave other settings as default. During conversion process if an error like “DVD drive cannot be locked” occurs, then install the ASPI drivers, and select the option “Use ASPI” and click ok.

Next change some settings in Output Settings box:

Choose the output format mostly AVI is better for playback options in Windows Media Player. Choose one audio compression technique. Lame MP3 has the capacity of producing excellent sound effect at smaller file sizes (AVI only) or choose MPEG video compression, if not download the Lame mp3 drivers.

Next choose XviD video codec from the dropdown menu. Select ‘Enable Video’ option, but leave the option ‘Enable 2nd’ unchecked. Choose a better screen size which is called as the resolution in the Export Settings section, choose for encoding process.

For wider screen monitors with the size ratios of 16:9 choose the 720×576 resolution or any multiples of 16 are ok. For normal sized monitors choose the size ratio of 4:3 (720×544 resolutions).

Next to the Maximum Frame number, select the option named “whole”. Ensure that you press this right button for every new movie DVD or the DVD file that is chosen.

Leave other settings as default.

Set the file size to infinite in its output settings to rip the full movie without splitting up some few last minutes into another new file. This is done in the option “Volume Don’t exceed”. Finally, in the File menu, select the item “Destination”. This option is also found at the right bottom next to the record button.

Browse to get a destination folder where file name is typed in the box and click Save and OK.

Now it’s ready to convert the DVD to AVI. Then click red Record button to start. Wait for the encoding to complete. Now enjoy your movie.

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