How to Ride a Horse

Riding a horse is a good sport, but the main thing here is, it’s just not enough to sit on the horse; there are some important things which should be performed in order to have a comfortable travel by on a horse. Many people now also choose to look for a horse for sale online so if you do that make sure you choose the best marketplace and that’s the best we’ve found so far.

If you are a beginner, first try to get informed at The Horse Dispatch, then start up with a good trainer. Go to left side of horse and hold the reins, put your left leg on the stirrup and get onto the horse.

After this keep both the stirrups in your two ankles. To start up, initiate with a walk. To do this give small squeezes with your legs. Do not kick until he moves for the squeezes. The little walk is to check the girth, correct it if it has any problem. Sit straightly with chin looking straight. It’s very important to be alert and back being straight.

To turn the horses pull the reins in the respective direction (i.e. left for left and right foe right). But this method creates health problems for your horse. The best method to turn is to give pressure with the opposite leg to the direction that we like to turn and give little pressure in the reins. This method is a better one and most of the expert riders prefer it.

You can stop the horse by pulling the reins and sit deep, the horse would stop. After it stops leave the reins and make the horse comfortable. Once you become familiar with the basics practice it a lot before you go on to the next step.

Then try to trot, but it will take a long time before you become familiar with the trot. During the trot follow the shoulder of the animal. When it moves forward jump and sit deep for getting down from jump. If you sit simply, it would hurt the horse. To start the trot squeeze and two kicks. Practice the trot again and again until you become very comfortable. To slow down the speed pull back the reins slightly.

These are the basics of the horse riding. It is highly recommended that practice the basics then go for the canter ant the gallops. The gallop is the fastest gait. After finishing the ride cool the horse. Check his chest if it is hot walk with him a little while.

Always wear a helmet during the ride and protection for back. Wearing a riding boot is highly recommended. Always wear long pants during riding. Don’t ever shout near it is a sensitive animal. Different types of horses are there and some are tamed differently. Make the horse feel comfortable, don’t pressurize him, know the horse well and how it behaves to people’s orders. Clean the horse and vaccinate them regularly to protect them from diseases or you can simply buy the Best Fly Spray For Horses as flies and insect control are some of the major problems when taking care of one.

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