How to Ride a Bike

Riding a bike is indeed a great fun and most of us would like to roam in bikes. Though it is very amusing, there are some dangers and issues got to be looked after while driving a bike, get yours at the bike shop morphett vale. You got to remember that you are driving and sharing the roads with thousands of people, hence there must be some pattern in it.

The first and foremost condition is you should have a driving license or at least a learning license. Once you are provided with it, you can start driving. First know the bike you are going to drive, check the air, brakes, fuel etc. Make sure of the gear systems, the smoothness of the clutch. Also do check for the brake system whether it is a ordinary one or a disc brake system and get to know the cc of the bike. As we all know prevention is better than cure, always be well protected with good dresses and guards. Helmets must be mandatory, wear correct sized helmets to protect you properly. Don’t go for cheap ones and risk your life. Wear bright clothes for clear visibility both in day and night times.

Be well aware of the traffic rules and some special rules in your locality. After getting known to all these things, you can start driving. First sit in the bike and see if you can balance it with both your legs, start the engine either by kicking or using auto start. Hold the clutch down and shift to the first gear, slowly release the clutch with simultaneous application of throttle. The bike will slowly move. Quickly shift the gears according to the speed of the bike. Learn to ride a bike slowly first, then try and pick up some speed. Once you are driving pay your full attention to the road and the vehicle. Always look backside using the rear mirrors and have a good control over the brakes. Don’t apply or apply soft brakes while you are at the curves as it tends to skid you down. Riding a bike also depends on the surface you are driving in. have a good knowledge of the surface and drive accordingly. Always carry only permitted number of people according to the manufacturer or depending on your locality.

Don’t use mobile phones during driving, as it is leading a number of accidents nowadays. Give prior notifications before you turn by flashing the respective indicators. Drive your bike smartly without disturbing other drivers. Don’t ever thy and drive on the platforms and pathways. Drive the bike in correct speed according to the corresponding lane. Use lights during nights to make yourself visible to others and see the road the road in dark. Always carry the first aid box in your bike.

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