How to Repair Your Headphones

If your headphones are not functioning, then you may have to get some new headphones. However, instead of throwing away your broken headphones, there are a few ways in which you can try to repair them.

Take a look over the complete measurement of the headphone cord and look for uncovered wires. If you come across any bare threads, then you will need to replace the headphones. If not, you can just merely wrap up electric adhesive tape firmly in the region of the uncovered cord to make it functional again.


If the headphones are wireless, like the other wireless piece of equipment, if the headphones are not used for a longĀ  period of time, their wireless strength ill weaken. Seek advice from your user’s instruction booklet for accurate guidelines on how to re-sync your headphones.

Repair Headphones

Have a glance on the headphone jack. If it has been rigorously spoilt or bent, then you will have to change the jack. You will have to buy a new jack, so if you have bought a low-cost pair of headphones, it may perhaps not be worth it. However if you want to go on with the repair, then buy and a suitable sized jack and follow by means of a pair of electronic scissors and slice the original one off at the wire. After that, solder on the new stereo jack with some plain audio wire and wrap up the new cords in electric tape.

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