How to Repair Scratches on Glass

The glass surfaces can easily get scratches after a period of time. Instead of buying a new piece of glass, you can remove the scratches from it.

For slight scratches, you can apply white toothpaste to it on the glass surface. When applying the toothpaste, make sure that you cover the entire scratch with the toothpaste. After the toothpaste is hardened, you can wipe it off with a soft cloth. You should wipe in one direction to prevent incurring scratches on the glass. Once you have wiped away the toothpaste, you will notice that there is no more scratch on the glass. Toothpaste is a good polishing compound and is the most preferred choice to use to remove the scratches from the glass surface. The abrasive cleaner is not suitable because it is designed for rougher surface such as stove tops, showers and sinks.

If it is deep scratch, you must use a paste that consists of white vinegar and ground mustard seed. Ground mustard seeds can be purchased from the local grocery store. To make the paste, mix a tablespoon of dry mustards seed with a few drop of vinegar. When making the paste, make sure you don’t use too much vinegar to prevent the mixture from becoming too wet. After that, you should spread the paste on the scratch and dry it with a cloth.

If you find yourself in need of windshield repair because of scratches on your car’s windshield, you could try to use a glass repair kit. Some people like to see if they can fix things themselves before seeking the aid of professionals. But if the crack has already spread, you may need to have the help of some reliable windshield repair services. When your rear windshield is broken, you know that a replacement is both costly and urgent, check out this affordable Rear Windshield Replacement San Diego for great help!

Mobile Expert Windshield Repair San Diego is a professional auto glass services company in San Diego, California providing windshield replacement and auto glass. A glass repair kit can be purchased from shops that sell car parts. It consists of a chemical solution and a buffing medium which can remove the scratches from the windshield. Choosing a quality mcallen windshield repair company does not have to be hard. Getting an auto glass replacement or windshield replacement is also an option if the damage is irreversible.

Jewelers Rouge can also help to remove the scratches on windshield. Jewelers rouge is made from aluminum oxide and wax. It has a bar like shape and is originally used to polish the metals. There are a variety of jeweler rouge that differs in color. You should buy the red color Jeweler Rouge and stay away from other colors.

Scratches on eyeglasses can make it harder to see through it. If there is scratches on the eye glasses, you can easily remove it by using a polishing kit. The cost of the polishing kit is around $20. You can buy the polishing kit from the optometrist’s office, department store, or online store. When using the polishing kit, make sure you read the instructions on the kit in order to effectively remove the scratches. Before applying the polish, the lens must be clear from dust and debris. After that, you can apply the polish on the two lens. You should allow some time for the polish to stay on the lens. After a few minutes, you can use a soft cloth to gently wipe off the polish from the lenses. The lens should be free from scratches now. To remove sunglass scratches, you can use Armor Etch. You can use a few drops of Armor Etch on a cotton cloth and apply it on the glass. After applying it, you will have to wait for a few minutes before washing it with water. If the scratches on the eye glasses are deep, they cannot be removed. Instead, you must replace the lenses. You can visit sites like and buy replacement lenses.

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