How to Reduce Arthritis Neck Pain

I was listening to a Healthcare podcast show that was quite eye opening and informative. Arthritis was the topic focused on, which is quite an uncomfortable and painful medical condition. It affects the joints in the whole body, which alone should give you a good idea on how that can become a big problem. Arthritis also affects the neck, creating uncomfortable neck pain and stiffness. If left untreated, arthritis symptoms get worse with time.

1. Studies show sedentary arthritis patients have the hardest time. You must keep your joints moving to stop the progression of arthritis and gain some joint flexibility. Movement can also help reduce pain. You can also alleviate neck pain with exercising, but don’t start exercising on your own since arthritis patients need specific neck exercises. Engaging in the wrong exercises on your own can make your pain even worse. Go to a physical therapist and learn some exercises for your neck area. VisitĀ Care First Rehab: Physical Therapy to know more.

2. Hydrotherapy proves very helpful in treating arthritis, as it helps the body relax and takes pressure off the joints. Hydrotherapy combines water, which makes the body feel light, with heat and air. Your doctor can recommend a place that offers hydrotherapy treatment . You canĀ click here to visit Advanced Regenerative Medicine of Idaho to see one such facility.

3. Work on developing good posture to relieve neck pain. Use exercise bands and an exercise ball, and get a DVD to guide you through a routine of exercises. You can also find videos online.

4. Relax and avoid stressful situations. Neck pain often results from both mental and physical stress, as your neck and back muscles tend to clench. Relaxation techniques really differ from one person to another. Find the activities that relax you and include them in your daily routine. Maybe it’s a long walk in the park, or listening to some calm music or just laying sown for one-half hour. Make relaxation part of your life.

5. Gently massage your neck with a bit of olive oil. If you find it difficult to do yourself, ask someone in your family to help or go to a massage therapist. Massage relaxes the muscles and improves circulation; additionally, you will immediately feel less pain after a massage session.

6. Consider acupuncture as a therapy for your neck pain. Acupuncturists insert thin needles in specific points on your body to restore the energy flow, help you body relax and treat certain conditions. Acupuncture provides pain relief as well. Depending on how serious your pain feels, you can have one or two acupuncture sessions a week.

7. Take pain killers only as a last resort. Pain killers have side effects and can result in addiction. They only hide your pain, which will come back even stronger after a while. Try the techniques described herein before resorting to medication. With a bit of perseverance your neck pain will get better and you will find the best ways to relieve your pain without medication.

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