How to Re-Design Your Bathrooms

The bathroom is such an intimate room that it is important that your taste is reflected in it – even if it conflicts with the other members of your family.

There are many cheap ways of adding personal touches to the bathroom. You could buy sets of luxurious towels which you can monogram for fun. You could cover any available surface with pots of humidity-loving plants or fill shelves with collections of knick-knacks or china or glass – either appropriate to the bathroom or otherwise. If you want redo all the fix­tures and fittings, you can find Experienced Bathroom Builders Offering Quality Bathroom Remodels & Repairs here. There are so many styles of tiles, taps and toilets that you can make your bathroom as unique as your imagination allows. You should also look into the existing plumbing system of the bathroom. A sewer blockage repair or drain cleaning may be necessary before you can proceed with the remodel.

Redesign Bathrooms

Creating a new atmosphere

Anything unexpected makes a bath­room more welcoming and less a purely functional area you can now get built by hiring a one of the local bathroom makeover companies at to help you. For example, a collec­tion of nine Redoute rose prints beauti­fully framed and hung in three rows of three over the bath would add an ele­gant and striking note. A richly covered armchair could introduce an unexpec­ted dimension to family bathing and a large collection of hardback books would lend an air of sophistication.

On the other hand, if you want your bathroom to be streamlined and feel like a 1930s hotel bathroom or even like the capsule toilets in an airplane, you could add tiles, marble, chrome and thick white towels to enhance this effect. No softening touches are necessary.

In order to achieve this remodeling plan for your bathroom, you can check out online sites and look for Houston bathroom remodeling services near me.

Is the layout right?

When carrying out a bathroom remodeling project, the layout of your bathroom is very import­ant. Is there enough space for your knees when sitting on the bidet? Do you have room to get in and out of the bath while someone is standing at the basin? Can you get to the washing machine without having to sit on the lavatory? Make sure the heated towel rail is where you want it, next to the bath, and not on the other side of the room, and that you have plenty of shelf space next to the wash basin for everything that you need – and more besides.

Now is the time also to consider whether you would like two basins for shared morning ablutions if you have the same timetable.

Redesign Bathrooms

Have you enough space?

If your bathroom has not got a toilet, remember that toilets can be fitted into minute spaces. To save space in the bathroom, you can check out the best concealed cistern here. Equally, if you are con­sidering fitting an extra bathroom into a small space, it is useful to know that basins come in all shapes and sizes, including shapes for corners, and that baths need not be long and spacious but can fit into a corner or simply be big enough to sit down in. Showers take up even less room of course.

Use the back of the bathroom door for hanging things on and box in basins, toilet cisterns and baths so you can store cleaning materials and other equipment under them. Make use of hanging shelves and corner cupboards or shelf units for storing cotton wool, toiletries, make-up and shaving materials. An ex­tending shaving mirror, with a concert­ina arm, can be fixed to the wall and pulled out when needed.

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