How to Raise Gerbils

These small rodents are a good choice if you don’t have a lot of time for more sociable animals that need lots of human interaction and care. They don’t take up a lot of space and are good indoor or apartment companions. They don’t require a lot of expense for food or supplies, either. It costs only about $50 per year to care for one or two of these small animals properly. However, you can’t always find a veterinarian who takes care of them. When you go on a trip, you will have to think about who will stop in every other day and care for your pets, or who can take them to their house.

  • Always remember whenever you get a pet at home they also require space in fact it is difficult for them to adjust in a cramped up space than your kids. Since these animals are very active they need space to perform all their antics.

  • It is always better to get more than one gerbil because they are very social animals so they have to be kept in groups. It is better not to keep too many males and one female gerbil because the males can get aggressive at times. When buying more than one gerbil be careful not to buy gerbils of two different clans.
  • Remember to provide food and water for the gerbil in its cage so that it has enough to eat whenever it is hungry.
  • Whenever you want to buy food for them make sure that you buy good quality fruits or seeds since these animals eat very less so whatever they eat should be nutritious.
  • Clean the cage of the gerbil after two weeks and if it requires cleaning early then do so. Unclean pets might bring many kinds of diseases so it is better to keep them and their surroundings clean.
  • Do give them things to play. Give them such toys on which they can climb and gnaw on it so that their teeth do not overgrow and they are not bored.
  • Try not to expose your gerbil to excess light. They like a place where they can silently hide and sleep peacefully.
  • It is important to spend some time with your pet and play with them otherwise they would not be tamed and used to you or the environment.
  • Get some tissues for them to sleep on. This way they can sleep on something that is comfortable and also you can throw the tissues away if they have dirtied them.
  • Gerbils are such pets for which you do not need to visit the vet time and again but then they are also living creatures and are prone to diseases, if you find anything unusual in the behaviour of the gerbil or in its health conditions, do consult a vet.

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