How to Purchase Wireless Ear buds

Cell phone communication has become very important nowadays. More advancement in technology has been developed and products are getting improved better than the consumers needs. In older days we need to carry bulky radios or CD players, but now a cell phone or MP3 player would suffice.

The most annoying thing is that whenever we use cell phones or MP3 players for hearing songs or for attending or making calls, we need to use wired ear buds attached to it which usually dangle around our neck and our lapel. Sometimes when we don’t use it, we keep them in our handbag or our pant pocket rolling them. Problem arises the next time when we use it and they finally ends up to be mess.

So to avoid these problems Bluetooth was invented in new model cell phones and now it’s being introduced in upcoming MP3 players with invention of wireless ear buds.

Follow these useful tips before buying hurrying to buy these wireless ear buds.

Since these ear buds are new, their prices are still a bit high. They range from $35 to $300 and a sennheiser costs up to $500.

Technologies of two types employ wireless ear buds. One is the Bluetooth which is found common among new designs of cell phones & MP3 players and the other is the Kleer technology which sounds better, costs high but it consumes less power when compared with other technologies.

We should ensure whether our MP3 player has in-built transmitter and if it’s not present then we have to purchase one along with the wireless ear buds. Equipments containing Bluetooth might have transmitter or sometimes it might be absent. So ensure this before buying. But Kleer technologies have transmitters sold along with them.

Some wireless ear buds have dual functionality which can function for both cell phones and for MP3 players along with the help of a knob or a button.

Some wireless ear bud model will be connected to the central unit, at the back of the head while in use. In each piece some wireless signals are being integrated

Check the mass of the ear buds, since we will use it for long hours. One more thing to take notice is the fitting of ear buds into our ears and the ability to stay in one place. Some may be used while doing some physical exercises. Make sure that they don’t get wet due to sweat and they are water resistant.

Check whether it has less noise capability so that we can cherish music without outside disturbances.

Check the lifetime of the battery. It should sustain for at least 6 to 10 hours for a complete charge. Built in batteries are more preferable than buying those batteries externally.

Last but not the least, check the quality of the sound that the ear bud produces.

Testing’s and reviews must be read by the purchaser as it is unlike to open and check each and every equipment unless we purchase it or a demo session is available.

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