How to Purchase and set up PDA Batteries

People owning PDAs have it only for very less years before they are ready to purchase a new one. Sometimes for people who want to use it for longer or for people who have battery problems, can always restore the original battery. Basically it is dependent on the production scheme based on the PDA model, because the batteries which are recharged and installed are not destined for changing the frequency. We have some of the resources to help us which are not to be mentioned in this article and it is one of the good news for all of us.

The first step is to get a new battery. Online is one of the perfect places to look out for reasonable priced batteries. Check out websites like, etc. we can also get it from eBay but e can’t assure the place from where it is getting imported. Some of the local electronics stores might have all these models, but it’s better to call them and confirm which model we want before purchasing it. Some larger electronic consumers might not have these, but radio shack, office max do and staples might have it.

Next comes the difficult part. Before buying a PDA, verify the manual which comes along with it. If manuals are not available along with the PDAs then look out in online or some of the websites. If we find some instructions regarding our model batteries, take a print out of it and its better to keep them in hand. Another important thing that we need is the screwdriver or torn driver and for small electronic goods, special screwdrivers are necessary. We can get these torn drivers at any of the computer stores and it is also available in some hardware stores.

If our PDA have removable battery board, then our job becomes much easy. We have to just remove the old battery, replace it with the new one. If suppose our PDA has screw-off back, then remove the screw, place the new battery and screw it again. Incase if the battery lies below the circuit board then we are in need to move the panel and replace the batteries. We should be too careful when w handle with circuit boards. After finding the battery, it’s better to pry down because it may get pasted down. If it’s so pasted then use a screwdriver or else a butter knife to lift up the battery gently. The wires of the battery are usually attached to the clip of the wires which go through the circuit board. Pulling on every part of the clip gently will be free. Only in single way the clips usually get aligned. Place the battery in the same position from where it came and rebuild the unit.

Some of the batteries have their wires being soldered to the chief board. If we have proper equipments then these batteries are easy to replace. We should not bother of doing it again, if we don’t have it. Ask someone who can do it for us. If we have soldering equipments then we can itself unsolder the old one. We should be clear of which wire is negative and which one is positive. It’s always necessary to mark the polarity on the panel but care should be taken as reversing the polarity might lead to sever damages. There are many websites which has step by step procedure for replacing the batteries and it also has videos which makes a demo of them.

Hope the above article will help us to get better knowledge about the PDA issues. We should be sure of the particular model of PDA when we go in search of batteries, because same brand may produce different chargers for different models. We can also get to know it through “system info” in our PDA settings. Good luck!

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