How to Prepare Games for Sleepovers of Nine Year olds

There might be some nine-year-old kids who would not have attended any sleepover party before and may also get homesick. However, if there are some games, everyone will be engaged and thrilled to be a part of the party. Organize many such games to keep the kids really busy. In case any one game fails to have the desired effect, then you must have plenty others lined up to please them. Some suggestions are:


  • Drama Bag

Take some brown paper bags to fill them up with small tit bits from the house or some cheap baubles bought at the dollar store. Each bag must contain at least three to four items. Now, divide the kids into groups of three each, and give them each a random bag without showing what it contains. Now, give the kids around fifteen or twenty minutes to set up a skit or song or even a commercial making use of all the items kept in their respective bags. The teams may go and hide in different rooms to prepare and can return to perform. Make sure you take photographs to document this show.

  • Who Am I?

Take separate index cards and on each, write down the name of famous personalities like actors, singers, presidents, athletes, or even famous fictional characters. The number of index cards must at least equal the number of kids. Now, tape up an index card on each kid’s back without revealing it to him/her so that others may be able to see it but not the respective kid. Now, give them s fixed time to interact and ask questions regarding their respective personalities. When the specified time is finally up, then see which all kids were able to guess their identities.

  • Blind Makeovers

These blind makeovers will give the sleepover a silly and fun aspect. There are many different methods for this game. There is “no mirror makeover” in which every girl has to do her own make-up without looking into a mirror. These can also be done like performances or skits. Seek any two volunteers. One of those will sit on a small stool and hold her hands at back while the other gets to kneel exactly behind the first girl and do the first’s make-up with her hands. This will give the impression that the first girl is doing her make-up herself but in a very poor way. All kids can take turn to do the make-up and get make-up on their faces. They will enjoy this like anything.

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