How to Prepare For Terrorism Weapons of Mass

Not too long ago the idea of using weapons of mass destruction was not considered possible. The ugly truth about an attack via weapons of mass destruction is that we can not foresee when it will happen. All we can really do is prepare for the day when such devastation will occur. Here are a few ideas about what you can do to prepare yourself for such an emergency.

Everyone Can Help

You may feel like you can do little to help as an individual in case we experience another terrorist attack. This is the far from true. You are not helpless. Preparedness extends way beyond physical measures we may seek to implement. You can help combat terrorism simply by being alert in public places. When you go out to do your shopping, bill paying or other errands take note of your surroundings. Look for small things that would normally go unnoticed but seem out of place. It may be a shopping bag left unattended in the corner of the gallery, an unmarked bag in an airport or other small things that would blend in but have some element of differentiation.

Making a Disaster Kit

When terrorist target places to inflict their harm upon they usually choose the most populated metropolitan places. They are seeking to inflict the most harm with the least amount of effort possible. In the event that you survive an attack you must be well prepared to survive. Ideally you should stock a survival kit for three days. Have a disaster kit formed and ready to use in case of disaster. Think about storing these items in places you frequent the most. Your relatives house, car, office or even a small storage unit are all great ideas for you to store you disaster kit.

The primary focus of your survival kit should be food and water. If your public water source gets cut off, contaminated or is otherwise undrinkable then you need to have a means to keep hydrated. Non perishable food items like canned goods and dried foods are essential to a disaster kit. You may want to consider buying and stocking up on multivitamins to help supplement your diet in case food is scare or insufficient.

Your disaster kit should contain a first aid kit. Medical supplies are a top concern as well in case of injury. Antiseptic, sterile bandages and creams should be included. Over the counter pain relief like aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen is a great option to include as well. If you suffer from a chronic condition that requires you take medication daily look into stock piling those for your health needs.

If you are a pet owner keep food and medical supplies for your pets. Make sure they are collared and that your direct contact information is both current and readable in case you get separated. You’ll need a container to transport your pet in. Store your valuable in containers that water cannot access. This will alleviate all chance of these items being contaminated. Food and water supply items should be changed and replenished every 6 months to keep them usable.

Everyone can help combat the chances of attacks. Get prepared in case of an emergency.

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