How to Prepare a Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman is a very muscular and powerful dog and has many elegant features. The dog is well proportioned, compact, has a muscular neck, lean body, and an unmistakable air of aristocracy, nobility and elegance. The ideal Doberman head is wedge-shaped with eyes blending in with the color of the coat. Dark eyes are much preferred over other shades and should be relatively deep set. A Doberman’s expression should display his great intelligence and vigorous character.

  • Try to begin training with your Doberman when she is young. Six months or younger is the best age to start. This absolutely does not mean you cannot train an older dog if you are in that position. It is just best to start them younger so you and your family can socialize her and teach her not to be overprotective. Simple obedience training is the best way to do that.

  • Every dog, no matter what breed, will make an effort to take over the household once they come in. This is very simple: You make the decisions. You decide when he eats, where he sleeps, even when he gets love and affection. When he jumps all over you demanding attention, teach him to become calm before he gets it
  • The socialization process simply means that you take her into different environments and get her used to meeting people and other dogs on a regular basis. She may be timid at first, or even a bit overprotective of you. But with your words of encouragement and praise, this is usually something that dissipates quickly.
  • Begin by teaching your Doberman to walk nicely on a leash, using a slip chain collar. Let him walk ahead of you a bit on the long lead. As he begins to pull, pop the leash firmly to get his attention, and say the word “Easy” loudly and firmly, then change your direction. The idea is to get him to stop, look at you and then change direction with you. Be sure to praise him when he does this.
  • Use treats to teach her the basic commands. Sliced hot dogs are inexpensive, and all dogs like them. Slice them into small pieces to train your Doberman, and put them in a pack that is around your waist for easy access. Have her sit for you, and reward her when she is sitting calmly, close to you and looking up into your eyes.
  • Teach him the “down” command when he is in the sitting position. Step to the side to give him room, then take your hand and basically guide him down to the ground with a sweeping motion while you say “Down.” He should follow the hot dog with his nose as you stretch your hand down to the ground and out in front of him.

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