How to Play the Game ‘Abbreviations’

The game of ‘Abbreviations’ is meant to enjoy and have fun in loads! This game is a real family entertainer on the dinner table, during long power cuts, and even while driving long distance for a vacation. This game in particular is very good at entertaining kids and freeing them of the boredom from traveling long distance. The game requires a pinch of creativity and a dash of alertness, and the end result is usually tons of laughter and fun.

At least two people are required to play Abbreviation. Often, more the number of people, funnier the game gets. Playing Abbreviation with just one person will not exactly be a fun idea.

Every player will get a chance to become the ‘Abbreviator’ or ‘It’ turns wise.

The Abbreviator on his turn must call out an abbreviation of at least two letters or more. For example- he may call out the letters T.P.

The rest of the players will be allotted a time limit of two to three minutes to come up with what according to them could be the full form of the abbreviation. Instead of the time limit, you could even take turns suggesting possible answers till you simply run out of any more answers.

The abbreviation T.P. could stand for Toilet Paper, Torching Porcelain, Teetering Penguins, or Tired Peasants. Don’t forget that there is not any correct answer to these abbreviations. Come up with as absurd full forms as you can, as long as they help to entertain everyone.

This game is essentially just to amuse and entertain you and your family or friends for some time. It is not about improving your General Knowledge. This game is a big help to lighten the mood at the dining table every night. For what’s better than to see your children giggling and sniggering at the crazy, funny and amusing full forms of the simple abbreviations.

If you want to make the game ‘Abbreviations’ slightly harder, then make a rule that words already used for a particular letter in a full form cannot be repeated for the same letter when used in the same or a different abbreviation by the same or a different person. If one person says ‘Toilet Paper’ and the next one tries ‘Toilet People’, it should not be accepted. Because of repetition of the word ‘Toilet’, this answer will not be qualified as one. Basically, ‘Abbreviations’ is an awesome game to unleash your creativity and vocabulary. Players not only actually put efforts in thinking by using their brains, but also get to discover themselves as human thesauruses.

After the chain of all the possible full forms is over, then make the next person the Abbreviator and continue the chain. There are hundreds and thousands of possible full forms, so show your sense of creativity and try out your luck.

The bigger your abbreviation is, the more interesting your game will be. For example, try something like A.B.C. For these abbreviations, you will have to think slightly harder. Something like All Broken Cars or even Aunt’s Bald Cats. Try to be as creative as you can and do not forget that this game is all about having loads and loads of fun.

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