How to Play Pool

Billiards is a favorite game to play in pubs and halls. The game is also commonly called pool. This derives from the thought of pooling money. It started at horse racing and expanded. You play the game on a table with cue sticks, a rack and some cue balls. There are also pool table lights to enjoy the best pool game experience possible. Read on for more information about how to play pool.

Step 1

Figure out where you are going to play. Bars and pubs like to have a few tables in the back. However, if you are trying to play for an extended time go to a real pool hall and rent a table.

Step 2

Decide your team. You can always choose to play one on one, or you may form a team with people whose pool skills you admire. When teams are forming, balance the good players with the mediocre ones to have a fair game.

Step 3

Place the rack around all the cue balls. Leave the white cue ball outside of the rack. Most games require the 8 ball to be positioned in the center of the group, a great break cue can greatly help you to win the match, check out this break cue guide by PoetsBilliardsBcs.



Step 4

Determine which person is going to break the cue balls. You can decide by whatever way is easiest to you. You can guess a number between 1-10, or however you think is fair.

Step 5

Break the cue balls. Select the style of ball you  want to play with. If you don’t make any balls into the pockets, the opponent can choose to go after any styled balls. After you sink one of both kinds, then you can make a choice.

Step 6

You can continue to take shots when you sink the cue balls. The turns change whenever either party misses a chance to put a cue ball in a pocket.

Step 7

Take turns with your team members. If you’re playing with a team, take a turn when all the team members have.

Suggestions & Ideas

  • Try not to hit the cue ball into the pockets. This term is called scratching.  This will cause you to lose a turn. The opposing people get a shot called ‘the kitchen’. This is where the cue ball was situated before the break. Read more about pool scratch rules.
  • Billiards like 7′ billiard tables game is a game of patience and force. Beginners come in trying to hit the ball like a baseball. Easy does it on the pool table. Too much force can end very badly here. Work on your aim, it’s crucial.
  • If you are taking part in a play and pay table, if another person places a quarter on the side of the pool table, that’s considered a reservation for the following game on that table.

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