How to Play Music in Your Playstation3

Playstations are very popular for video games. The features of Playstation are now extended to the next level. The Playstation3 is not only a gaming console, now it’s been added with an extra feature of playing music. This is going to be a pleasure for all the Playstation fans. Now it’s possible to play your favorite music in this gadget and also enjoy your preferred video game without interruption. It is very easy to play music on your PS3 than playing video games in it.  If you own a PS3 and looking how to play music in it then here we will explain you how to do so.

  • It is easy to play music if you have already loaded your PS3 with your favorite music files. It’s very simple, all you have to do is just go to the music folder and select the music file which you need to play. The songs will play when you select it. While the song is running you can also have the option to browse the other files and folders and search for music files. You can also play new songs even when the song is running in your PS3. This will let you to hear the newly selected song to play.

  • You can also play music files which are saved in the external hard drives and memory cards. To play music from it you need to follow the same procedure of browsing the music files which is stored in the external hard drive and choose the songs you need to play. You can also save them in PS3 hard drive. The songs can also be imported from the CD’s and even from internet too.
  • Another simple way to play your music file in your playstation3 is by using CD’s. All you need to do is that just insert a music CD loaded with your favorite songs in the CD drive directly. The PS3 will auto play the music files in that CD. If the music file doesn’t play automatically then you have to follow the same procedure of browsing the content in the CD by selecting the drive and play the music files you needed. Or if you have lots of free memory space in your PS3 then you can import the music files to your PS3 hard drive and you can playback the music whenever you need.
  • Thus the playstation3 is a leap for gaming gadgets, which allows you to hear songs. This acts as a treat for music cum video game lovers. So if you are just fond of hearing music while playing games why are you waiting for go get one PS3 and enjoy the wholesome entertainment.

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