How to Plan a Trip Well in Advance

Be it for business or pleasure, a trip anywhere can be either a great adventure, if you’re relaxed and in control, or a big bore, if the process of getting there is a nightmare!

I love to travel. Anywhere, any time. The thought of an adventure fills me with joy and excitement. I like to plan a trip well in advance so that I can look forward to it and use it as a motivator to keep me going, especially when planning a winter holiday when I usually plan on stuffing my luggage with presents, whcih can be a pain depending on what I decide to bring, but after being stopped by customs a couple of times I learned that I can call a customs attorney to avoid any unnecessary troubles at the airport.

I have lost luggage, missed one plane and suffered countless delays. I’ve had awful hotel rooms and amazing hotel rooms, fabulous weather and miserable weather that I was totally unprepared for. Most importantly, I have learned a lot about travelling.

Follow the famous Boy Scout motto and Be Prepared – not necessarily for everything but for most things. Frequent business travellers might need to hop on a plane at a few hours’ notice. For a family with kids, husbands included, getting to a destination without all your possessions can end in tears.

Do a bit of research. Check out the likely weather forecast and find out what you will be doing when you get there. This is essential in planning your wardrobe and all those other things that life can be miserable without.

Always keep a fully stocked essentials kit ready and waiting. No matter how infrequently you travel, having the essentials prepared gives you one less thing to have to organise. The basics should be: toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, medication, plasters, eye-care products and all those essential toiletries that you can’t live without.

To make your temporary home feel more like your own home, take a few special things as well: your favourite perfume, a scented candle and a small photo to put by your bed. Don’t forget an alarm clock if time will be of the essence. Customise your kit to reflect your purpose for travelling by adding any seasonal or regional necessities.

Essential kits for children should contain all the things that will keep them entertained throughout the journey. This is the one time when more is better than less. What is their favourite toy of the moment? Bring it.

Before you start to pack, decide which cases or bags you will be taking. I am almost as bad with luggage as I am with shoes – many for each occasion. I personally prefer soft luggage with millions of pockets. This helps me when I am travelling to lots of destinations on one trip as everything always goes in the same place and I know when I have left something behind. It is all about personal choice. Carry a small bag with you for the things you can’t live without. Always tag your luggage on both the inside and the outside with contact phone numbers of your destination.

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About the Author: Carl Tackett is a travel enthusiast. He has traveled to over 50 destinations all over the world. Currently, he is residing in England. He loves to write about traveling and helping fellow travelers.

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