How to Plan a Course to Cruise the East Coast

The East Coast refers mostly to travel destinations on the eastern part of the United States – New York, Miami, Maine and Baltimore, among other major cities. This is the part of the country that touches the Atlantic Ocean and, in some cases, can even include Canada. If you’re looking for variety for your next holiday, you want to opt for a cruise on the East Coast because this allows you to experience the best that each city has to offer. Cruises are designed to stop at key travel destinations to make day trips possible.


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  1. Research on the top travel destinations along the East Coast. Cities along the Atlantic Ocean are popular port stops for cruises. Before you search for cruise lines that offer trips along this region, go over the top travel destinations that you might want to see during your trip.
  2. Consider the people you will be taking with you on the cruise. When deciding on a course for an East Coast cruise, you need to determine who you will be traveling with. It would be easier if you’re going solo but if, for instance, you’re taking children along with you, you will need to search for cruise packages and routes that kids will also enjoy. Remember that romantic getaways are different from family travel destinations.

Cruise Along East Coast

  1. Talk to your travel agent about East Coast cruises. Make sure that you talk to an experienced agent to help you decide on a course for your cruise. It’s important that the agent has personally sailed on various cruises along this region so you get an honest opinion on what every cruise course has to offer.
  2. Decide on a port of departure. One important thing that you need to consider when planning your cruise on the East Coast is the port of departure. Ideally, you want to leave from a port that is nearer to home so you don’t have to spend a lot on transportation. Miami and Fort Lauderdale are common ports of departure on the East Coast but there are also those that leave from Seattle in Washington.
  3. Decide on how long you want your cruise to last. Cruises can be as short as weekend trips to as long as fourteen days. If you live near the port, a three to four day cruise will probably suffice. Long travels are more suitable for regions where there is a lot of ground to cover – i.e. European cruises. East Coast cruises, since there are only a few possible port stops, will only take you at least a whole weekend. Also consider the schedules of the people you will be traveling with. School breaks, for instance, are great for cruises because children will be out of school.


  • Before you settle on a particular cruise liner, compare prices relative to packages and services to ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money.

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