How to Perform Feathering in Massage

In feathering you use the tips of the fingers to gently stroke down the body, alternating hands for a continuous rippling effect. It is one of the lightest, softest massage strokes and one of the most delightful! Feathering is used to conclude after you have massaged each section of the body, or it can be used as a final stroke bringing the massage to a close. Always stroke downward and finally lift the hands so your movements will end almost imperceptibly. Feathering not only feels good, it serves a purpose, drawing the mind and senses down the body, connecting one area to another, and it can be used to draw tension out through the fingers or toes. Don’t even feel tempted to skip it.

The back

Starting at the upper back, stroke very lightly downward over the skin with the tips of your fingers, lifting your hands lightly to begin the next stroke. Ripple down the spine to the lower back, then repeat the strokes twice more. Alternate your movements so that one hand is always in contact with the body.

Feathering Massage

The arms

Stroke with your fingers over the shoulder and then continue to feather lightly down the arm to the wrist. Alternate the hands, starting the movements a little further down the arm each time. Lift the fingers at the end of each stroke, rather like stroking a cat. End by feathering the tips of the fingers.

The feet

Support the foot with one hand and with the other feather in one movement from the heel to the toes. Repeat the soft stroking movements several times. Remember to stroke right over the tips of the toes and to continue the movement for a few seconds after. Firmer strokes will prevent tickling.

The legs

Begin this movement at the top of the thigh. Feather lightly down the leg and over the knee to the calf. Stroke with the fingertips, moving your hands alternately in a flowing rhythm. Stroke over the front of the ankle then slowly off over the toes. This gives the feeling of connecting the whole leg.

The hands

Hold the hand, palm upward, and with your other hand stroke lightly from the wrist to the fingertips. Draw your hand very slowly off the fingers and as you do so, feel that you are drawing tension out through the body. These strokes can be very soft, following each other in waves.

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