How to Pass a Text Data from Email

People who would like to pass a text message may have some dexterity using wireless phones and one may be happy to hear that they can send text data through their email as it is easy to do. Wireless phones may cost too much and any user does not like to spend their money on wireless phone providers for text messaging plans alone. Also there may be some difficulties in sending text data as it may lose some data while sending it. People who like typing can send their text data to their friends and closed ones using their email account.

  • At first it is necessary to have email address. Many online providers are there to sign up a free account for the users who don’t have their email address. A text data can be send to any of these users using your email address. You can Google it as “free mail” and select in which one would like to join. Registration information has to be filled to create an account.

  • After getting your email address, the phone number of the user whom you like to send the text message is to be known. It can either be your friend or your relatives or family member whom you like to send the message. You have to know what service provider the end user subscribes to, as it determines the address of the receiver to send email text data to.
  • You can ask the end user whether they need a text data subscription, since the text message send to the recipient will be billed as a text data on behalf of an email. The text data will be send to the receiver only if text message is enabled in their plan or else the wireless phones does not accept the text data which you send it through your email address.
  • You can get into your email address once if you have the receivers phone number and their wireless subscriber. Click on the tab which shows the option; create new email in your address. This might say “Compose” or “New” mail. In this option enter the receivers 10 digit phone number with no spaces or dashes in between. Most users will clear their address by the 10 digit as they use “@” symbol and the wireless subscriber domain. One can Google it the end users subscriber name. For instance, it can be as
  • You can write down your text data in the specific area on your email. It should be noted that the text data should be below than 160 characters, or else your text data will be broken into multiple text data or it may not reach the receiver. The text data are for small and crisp messages that can be sent quickly and this should be less than emails.

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