How to Move with a Breast Pump

It may be not easy for women after giving birth to feed her child with mother’s milk and it will be hard. Ordinary feeding of milk will be not possible during travel as the climatic conditions changes. The following are the instructions to carry on feeding while traveling.

Keep the breast pump inside a separate bag. Take some hand kerchiefs with the bag. This makes the process easy while you are traveling in air. It may make some doubt for the security personals because it may look like bomb while scanning. But you don’t need to worry about it, if you explain it to the concern person to solve these problems.

Clean it fully with sterilizing solutions before night travels. This will avoid the contamination of milk while you are using it. To make sure that your Brest pump is hygienic take hand wipes with you or asks air attender and clean it in the rest room while traveling in air. Make sure that your morphological part of your mammary gland is clean before pumping the milk out. If the baby is with you feed your milk to your baby before your travel. You can also take a milk bottle, with colleted milk and stored in a cool place. It can be used later by warming it or a flask with hot water can be used in the normal temperature for feeding your baby. It is safe to feed your baby with the pumped milk between the time periods of 4 to 5 hours after pumping and kept in normal temperature. Or else keep the feeding bottles in a refrigerator to avoid spoilage.

  • Maintain proper timings. If you don’t feed your child with proper timings and nurse the child to pump the milk. This will make the supply of milk constant. This will not allow the breast to swell unless it will make you to be in sick.
  • When you are in air with baby milk bottles in a frozen condition, get some hot water from the female air attender for getting it to the normal temperature to feed your baby.

If you feel that it is uncomfortable to carry the Brest pump with you all ways it is enough to carry a blanket and a comfortable cloth for Brest feeding your baby this will ensure you for the prying eyes. By this way you can avoid carrying the Brest pump always with you.

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