How to Modify Picture Speed in the Digital Picture Frame

In the modern homes nowadays wall hangings is an important interior design. Among those wall hangings digital frame is very famous among the interior design aspirants. People who love to decorate their home with modern gadgets are widely making use of these digital picture frames. A picture frame can contain a lot of pictures in it and it can display each one of them as a slideshow. The picture changes at a particular speed. In case we wish to alter the speed, so that every detail of the picture can be clearly viewed by the spectator we can alter it easily. This article discusses about how to modify the speed of in digital picture frame.

  • The first step is to read the instructions. Every model of digital frame contains the user’s manual and instructions. We have to go through the user’s manual and instructions before we try to modify  the speed. The user’s manual and instructions will help us to use the correct settings in the digital picture frame. With the help of the user’s manual and instructions we can locate the respective buttons to modify the settings in the digital frame.

  • The next thing is that we have to locate the setting button in the digital picture frame. Many picture frames are provided with  this facility. We can find this button either back or side or bottom of the frame.
  • When we find the button we have to click it. The setting menu will appear. We have to select the speed of the picture and then adjust it according to our wish. The time can be adjusted between few seconds to hours. We have to save the setting after making them.
  • The other way of making the change in settings is by using the remote control. The remote control will also be available along with the package. We have to locate the settings button in the remote control. We have to point the remote towards the frame so that there is no obstruction between the remote and the frame and then press the setting button. After that we have to do the required changes to adjust the speed.
  • The above instructions are to be followed to modify the speed at which the pictures are to be displayed in the digital frame. We can also learn the other settings which play music during slideshow or picture transition. We can also use the settings which help for better view of the pictures.
  • In case we are about to buy a new digital picture frame we can check into the websites which will display the best model of digital picture frame which is present in the market. One such website is the The website also gives the idea and features we have to note down before purchasing the digital picture frame.

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