How to Measure for a Replacement Window

Are you ready to improve your home by upgrading your home windows? Windows are an important aspect of maintaining a home. The style and design of the window replacement like the single hung window replacements should be carefully selected to compliment the home in a comprehensive yet functional way. Efficiency is definitely the primary factor in replacing any window. The key to making sure your windows are efficient is to ensure they fit is accurate. Then, the only thing left to do is find a window that fits the measurements of the space they will be placed in. According to sunshine coast windows, here is how you can properly measure your home for new windows. Read on for more information.

Items You Will Use:

  • Measuring Tape

Step 1

Decide if you will be using the window structure that is already in place or if you will be using a different one. It is less difficult to use a rough opening. Just take out the former window. This is optional. If you don’t want to take the first window out you can skirt that part and measure the window space. Take care when measuring the opening accurately, see more at Maverick Windows website. Please not that all sizes may not be available for immediate purchase at local stores like Home Depot, etc. You may have a wait if the size you need has to come directly from a manufacturer. If this is the case, check before you take the window out. This may be a huge convenience if not checked out first. You can consider choosing Louvre window.

Step 2

Carefully measure how wide the window is. The most accurate method to employ is to measure the window space at three different places. Gather the numb, the center and the lower part of the frame. You never do know until you measure if the opening is equal and square. You should not trust this to appearances. Then we have also seen some brilliant new windows fitted by a London company recently and they were just stunning so definitely give them a look if you need some new windows in London.

Step 3

Gather the information to determine the height of the original window space. Do this is the same manner you used to determine how wide the space is. Make sure you measure if from a minumum of two different places to ensure accuracy. If the window space is very wide, take advantage of using If it’s a wide opening, measure in three points, the two sides and the center.

Step 4

When you need to order the new hurricane windows, indicate the smallest measurements. If the the measurements differ from about ½ inch, then you can order with the smallest measurements. You can always use shims to compensate for the tiny spaces instead of having to build a bigger window frame for a new pane that is way too big to fit in the one already cut.

Step 5

Ask someone else for another opinion. In any case that you’re not confident in the job you did measuring, then you can always ask for a little help. You can always call residential window replacement specialists to help you with Storm Window Repair services.

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