How to Make Your Own Quince Invitations

In the life of a Latina Girl, one of the most important events is the quinceanera celebration.

It signifies her entrance to the threshold of her life as an adult woman.

In the Latin community, it is considered as the coming out party.

So you will surely want to invite friends and family in style for the very special day.

For this reason, the creation of the quinceanera invitation is one of the most important features of the occasion.

The personality of the quinceanera herself and the theme of the event should be highlighted by the invitation.

What You’ll Need

  • Computer
  • Printer and even better if it is one of the Mimaki CJV150 Series
  • Card stock
  • Desktop publishing program

How to Make Your Own Quince Invitations

  1. Think of the event’s theme. It can either be a secular or a religious celebration. You will know how to draft the invitation by considering who will send out the invitation. It could be the parents or the daughter herself.
  2. If you will introduce the hosts from the quinceanera’s viewpoint, you can say I, (quinceanera’s name), and my parents, (parents’ names), would like to invite you to and if you want to send out invitations from the perspective of the parents, you can say (Parents’ Names) would like to invite you to.
  3. Consider the important information that you wish to provide your guests like the quinceanera’s name, formality of the event, the time, date and venue. If a mass will be held, you can include the time and date as well as reception details. You can also take account of the RSVP information if you want.
  4. Select the style and size of the invitation and choose the best paper that would fit the purpose. Bear in mind that if you will be creating a basic card invitation, two cards can be made out of every letter-sized paper sheet.
  5. To help create your invitation, you need to use a publishing program on your desktop such as Quark Express Pro or Adobe InDesign. These programs will help you create the invitation with a result that will appear professional even if you will do the invitations yourself.
  6. Make a file which is the same as the size of your invitation then select a letter font that will also draw attention to the party’s theme and will complement the paper perfectly. If you are using simple paper, you can have a more intricate font. But if you have a busier paper, select a plain font. Since the guest of honor is a teen girl, never be afraid to pick brightly colored paper with fun designs.
  7. On the invitation, write up the party’s information. The print and send out the invitations.

Quinceanera parties can be costly. By creating your own invitations instead of paying for ones which are printed professionally, you can save a sizeable amount of money. Your handmade Quinceanera invitations can be more stylish and chic than anything you get readily get from shops with the help of scrapbooking trimmings and embellishments, laser printers and stationeries which are professional grade. You can also ask for the help of some family members or friends with exquisite handwriting since these invitations should be addressed by hand. At least two months before the event, prepare to send out the invitation so that you will have enough time to receive the RSVPs and get a final count of the guests who will come to the party.

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