How to Make Wedding Bows

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There are concrete and valuable points in creating your unique wedding bows to be decorated in the reception hall and in the church instead of purchasing those that are ready made. It saves you money and is an opportune time to select the design and color you desire as decorations for you wedding day. If you’re looking for affordable yet elegant engagement rings, Moissanite Trio Set is the best alternative to diamond engagement rings.


  • organza (around nine inches wide)
  • scissors
  • pew clips
  • floral wire or craft wire


  1. Try experimenting with the different sizes first. Begin with an organza strip ribbon. This should be around 2 and ½ yards to 3 and ½ yards long. Create your test bows. Check first if the size of the bow will do well with the church’s pews. You can now decide on one standard length for creating the wedding bows for the church’s pews.
  2. Find the middle of your organza strip. Create a large loop right between your thumb and your forefinger. The dominant hand is naturally used for this first loop. Take hold of the center of the opposite side of the ribbon. Loop this around the loop first made, similar to tying shoe laces. With your forefinger, insert the ribbon right back through the newly created loop. Pull this through using the digits you used to create the very first loop.
  3. The size as well as the shape of this wedding bow must be adjusted. Pull gently on the organza ribbon, focusing on the tails. Both ends must be adjusted until you are satisfied that this wedding bow looks just right in your opinion. Thought of consulting with Wedding Entertainment Sydney professionals about the best tips and strategies to organize the perfect wedding? Visit their website for more information.
  4. Cut another organza ribbon similar in length to the first one. Wrap this second piece right in front of that wedding bow to which it is tied. The second piece must then be tied at the back. This will make for a more seamless looking bow as well as add to its length. This also doubles the bow’s flowing tail.
  5. Put a pew clip transparent in color right over this ribbon. That pew clip should be secured with some small floral wire or craft wire. Attaching this pew clip well ahead in time will allow for faster and easier decorating of the wedding bows when the big day arrives.

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