How to Make Money on the Internet Starting with No Money

You can start many business ventures on the Internet for free, but you must search and know what kind of services you can offer. With these tips you can start making money using the Internet with no money investment.

  • Make money by joining affiliate programs. Select the right niche markets for you. Think of topic in which you are most interested, since you will write about this niche. Gather unique ideas about products and how would you want to promote them to your target niche market. Then visit or to find a list of products you can sell and promote. Affiliate marketing involves learning to connect with consumers on a fundamental level. Write articles and reviews about these products and earn from commissions with no money to up-front spending.

  • Use free keyword tools for market research. Learning keywords remains essential for online marketing. Know what keywords most relate to your interests and niche. You can learn get keyword tools on the Internet for free at places such as
  • Take surveys on the Internet for free. You can take surveys during your spare time and earn extra income. Many companies online will pay you for sharing your opinions with or about them. Visit, and If you’re good at casino games, earn real money by playing at real money gambling sites. Visit Betend to start playing today.
  • Participate in an online focus groups. Visit, where you can review a product you have used or discuss any issues that interest you. Payment ranges between $50 and 150 per session. The site typically asks participants to join a group once or twice a year.
  • Get paid for reviewing other websites. offers $10 per review. Just provide good written feedback about the quality and usability of a website. Note: this is not an open-ended option. A company will have to select you based on your demographic profile.
  • Earn money by joining Google Adsense. Start a blog or a website and promote it to generator a lot of visitors. Google Adsense will help you provide an easy way to monetize your traffic. Use other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to promote your website.
  • Write articles. You don’t have to be the most excellent writer in the world. As long as you can type, spell correctly and have a good command of the English language, you can write articles for websites such as, and

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