How to Make Household Ninja Weapons

Some weapons that are staples found in a Ninja’s toolkits are the throwing stars and the nun chucks. If it has long been your dream to become a ninja but cannot afford the weapons required of one, think again! Follow this procedure to making your own ninja weapons with the use of your everyday household materials.

Observe care and caution when you throw or make use of your throwing stars. As these are made out of foil, they may do damage because of its rather sharp edges. Keep in mind also that with a use of some creativity and imagination, old broom or mop handles will work great as a bow staff.


  • tin foil
  • wood pieces (2 pieces, of equal dimensions)
  • beaded chain (length must be around 1 and ½ foot and with a clasp)


  1. with the aluminum foil, cut a square out from the sheet.
  2. Diagonally fold this in half from the top left hand part to the bottom right hand part. Then open this.
  3. Diagonally fold in half. Start with the top right hand part to the bottom left hand part. Then open this.
  4. Vertically fold this in half. Then open this.
  5. Begin working with the top left corner. Fold this over up to the middle fold line.
  6. Repeat the folding step from the top right corner until the middle fold line.
  7. Fold it in half alongside the middle fold line.
  8. Fold this such that a parallelogram is formed.
  9. Repeat the steps from one to eight for seven times more.
  10. Then interlock those parallelogram segments by folding these segments in one segment into another segment.
  11. Push each parallelogram to produce a saw-like effect.


  1. Take hold of two sticks. You can get this from a store or even from your own yard. Old mop handles or broom handles will work equally as well if you utilize a saw to chop the handle off into two pieces of equal size.
  2. The next step is to drill a hole. The hole must be drilled through the pieces of wood. Drill this observing a distance of around three inches starting from the topmost part.
  3. Run or thread a beaded chain into the hole of one of the pieces of wood. Connect this to the second piece of wood.
  4. Clasp this beaded chain shut.

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