How to Make Chinese Flowers with Paper

Chinese New Year is celebrated by the Chinese with thrill and joy. They make use of vibrant and lively decorations, and even a vivid display of fireworks. One such item used in decoration is a flower. Their houses are decorated with such colorful flowers that add to the festive atmosphere. If you also have the wish to celebrate traditionally but are out of fresh flowers and can’t arrange them soon enough, then improvise and show your creativity by making Chinese flowers with colorful papers. These Chinese flowers are especially perfect for such occasions where you want flowers for a long time as these do not wilt. These may also be used in theater plays where flowery scenes are required, you should Have a look¬†at Home Theater Pros’ website for top-of-the-range home theater equipment.

These are the steps to be followed for making Chinese flowers with paper:


  • Selecting the colors. Pick the colors with which you would like to make the flowers. You may go in for one color for single colored flowers. You may also go in for many different colors for a more appealing look. Crepe paper can be used as it has a huge variety in colors. Choose variant shades, ranging from the most vibrant to the most subtle.

  • Purchasing the paper. Purchase rolls of colored crepe papers that you have finally decided on. You can easily get these papers from any local bookstores.
  • Cutting the paper. Take the paper and cut it into strips. Make sure the strip is at least four to five inches in thickness. Cut thicker strips if you want bigger flowers.
  • Folding the strips. Fold the strips twice, in half each time. After this, fold the paper strip on itself. This prepares the strip to be cut into petals.
  • Cutting the strips. Hold in your hand the lower part of the strip’s open end. Give it a fringe look by cutting slits of half inch. Repeat the same steps with all the other strips. Shape each strip like this and then unfold it. Lay out all the strips on a flat surface.
  • Making the stems. Get a floral wire of thick gauge. Cut the wire to give it the length of a stem as desired. Wrap the wire with some floral tape. Repeat the steps with rest of the stems.
  • Fixing the petals. Put on some glue on the backside of your flower petals. Do not put the glue in excess for it may soak the paper strips. Take a petal and firmly attach it on a stem. Wrap the petal round and round over itself till it is firmly secured on the stem. Keep on adding more petals till the proper look of a flower is created.
  • Making the leaves. Cut pieces from the crepe paper in the shape of leaves. Stick them along the stem with glue. Put as many leaves as you want.

Make many flowers as per your need. You may even make a bouquet out of these. Use flowers of different sizes to make a bouquet. You may even different materials for different flowers. Use art paper or even tissue paper, and color those with markers. Make adjustments in the thickness of strips as per the size of the flowers. You may put in it a vase as a bouquet or gather them inside a basket. These Chinese paper flowers make awesome decorative pieces for the home as well. Make the room go lively and vibrant while there is no need for you to water the flowers.

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