How to Make an Untraceable Phone Call

Have you ever had the need to make a phone call anonymously? There may be several reasons that someone may be allowed to place an untraceable telephone call. Some consumers would rather have their numbers concealed when calling certain companies to make sure they are not subjected to unwanted marketing calls. Companies keep telephone records of incoming calls for their own purposes. Private investigators and even law officials are able to make untraceable calls in the line of duty.  No matter what the reason is, there are ways you can make untraceable telephone calls. Read on to find out more on how you can place a phone call that can’t be traced by any party.

Step 1

Spoof Cards

Spoof cards are predominately reserved for law enforcement. However, it is perfectly legal for any citizen to get a spoof card and use it to keep their personal number private. When you place a call using a spoon card, the number that comes up on the receiving end is never the actual number you are calling from. This makes it virtually impossible to trace where the call is coming from. It’s the ultimately in calling anonymity.  There is no ban on using span cards for the general public. Feel free to purchase one and test it out with a friend.

Step 2

You can place your call from what is called a soft phone. These kinds of calls may not be traced using *67 or ANI because it is placed via a proxy server on the internet. The down side to this is an internet service provider can be subpoenaed to disclose the IP number that the call originated from. This is some cases may lead to clear identification. However, using a proxy is a good way to conceal your identity via phone and online. You can google a good proxy to use. Test this method out as well with a friend.

Step  3

When you are about to place a phone call dial *67 before dialing your destination number. Dialing *67 will block your number from being shown on the receiving end of the phone call. The receiver will not be able to view or identify the number from which you are contacting them from. However, please not that if your number is not available, there is a chance of it being revealed with the tracing mechanism *67.

Step  4

You can always call your destination number from a pay phone. This way, even though the pay phone number is not private, you are concealed. Your call is safe to make.

If you follow these steps you will be able to make untraceable phone calls. It really is just that easy.

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