How to Make a Toga

Have you ever been invited to the social gathering of the year only to find out you don’t have a great costume to wear? I think a lot of people get caught in this bind. You get all excited about being in the presence of everyone only to be let down by the sinking feeling that you won’t be the life of the party because you have to show up wearing everyday clothing. You don’t want the embarrassment of being the only party farer in casual jeans and sneakers, do you. Well, if you have a bed sheet that’s kind of funky, or even plain will do, then you have an awesome costume. Do believe me? You can easy change your clothes from drab to fab in a few easy steps.¬† You can become a Greek almost instantly no matter what your nationality really is. Even if it is last minute, you can make this costume look like this was the solid plan all along. And you don’t have to worry about spending an excessive amount of money on a last minute costume. Here is how you can make a Toga. Read on for more information.

  • Sheets (The flat sheet from the sheet set)
  • A Belt
  • Pins

Step 1

Grab the flat sheet at the corner in your right hand. Now use your other hand to grab the sheet. Place six inches of material between both hands. Make sure they are secure. Now drape over your body.

Step 2

Put the opposite arm above the head and bend your arm at the elbow. The elbow should be bent at 90 degrees. Lay the sheet across the front of your arm. Now, pull the sheet to your arm and body, close to the armpit area. Be sure to keep the sheet aligned and secure during these steps.

Step 3

Drape the flat sheet about the neck. Tuck the sheet beneath the armpit. The ends of the sheet should fit and feel tight to the body. Make sure it does not feel too lose. If you make it too loose your toga may come undone at the worse possible time. Feel free to adjust the sheet by pulling it around the body until it feels right to you.

Step  4

Knot the toga. Your knot is going to be on your shoulder the entire time. You should move the knot into a position that will be comfortable to you. Don’t make the not too loose. Give it a firm tug.

Step 5

Use the belt from any robe to help you adjust the length of your new toga. If the toga is way longer than you need, hike it up until the hem is right. Secure it with the best. Hide the belt with a little excess of you toga. You’re dressed to impress. Enjoy.

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