How to Make a Phone Call to Germany

If your friends and relatives are in Germany, making a call to them is similar to that of calling other countries. The problems are area codes and time difference which can be resolved easily by following some tips. Here are the common things which you have to know for making Germany phone calls easier.

International access number is a unique number for each country. For America it is 011. This will be the first in the series of numbers. The exit will follow international access number. Exit code of US is 011 and 264 for Canada. If you are using a mobile phone for calling, simply use + sign instead of exit code which is sufficient. 49 is the Germany’s country code. Country code is also unique. Therefore the series is 011-49 and for a mobile phone it is +49.

Area code. Let’s assume that you are calling someone in Munich. Its area code is 89. Area codes also unique for cities. So get the correct area code from the person or search it in the internet. You could also get information from the phone operator of your locality. Therefore the series is 011-49-89.

Personal Phone number. After entering the country code and area code, you have to enter the phone number of the person. The local phone number of Germany would be from three digits to nine digits. Therefore the series of number is 011-49-89-XXX-XXXX.

Saying hello. Let’s now assume that you have successfully dialed the phone number of the person. If someone else answers or if recoded message is heard then there would be a language problem. In order to overcome those difficulties, you should be aware of some basic german language for these kind of answers,

  • Number you are dialing is not available.
  • Number you are trying to call is temporary not reachable.
  • The number is changed.
  • Please wait. Shortly you will be connected.
  • Please try again later.

Check for the call tariff for Germany with different service providers from your locality. The rate may differ from company to company; some may even offer cut off packages for calling abroad. So choose the plan and the company that best fits your expense.

It’s clear that calling the beloved ones who are in Germany or any other country is very simple. Simply remember the series of numbers to be entered: International exit code – country code followed by area code then person’s phone number. Thus it’s simpler now for calling from anywhere to anywhere.

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