How to Know If You Have Termites

Termite invasion can be devastating and heart-rending. If you have wooden furniture and structures in your house, then chances of termite influx are quite high. If you really want to save your house from termite horror, then it is imperative for you to acquaint yourself with the essential termite infestation information proffered here. You’ll be able to get hold of some important tips, which will help you in protecting and shielding your house from termite invasion. Termites can withstand perfectly in normal temperatures. They face no problems surviving in areas of mediocre temperature. Therefore, they flourish and proliferate more in such conditions.

If your house is located in similar environmental conditions, then this write up becomes more important for you. Since there are scores of species of termites, it is not possible to evaluate which kind of termite has infested your house. So, a better step will be to assess, whether you have termites or not. Evaluating and accessing termite infestation involves a very simple and straightforward procedure. No expert advice or effort is required for doing so. You can find out whether your house is invaded by termites or not, by visiting for help from a professional and while you’re at it you might as well consider getting a roof inspection so you check every corner of your home.

There are some signs that points towards a termite invasion. If you can gauge these signs and indications at the right time, then you can save your house from much destruction. Termites are silent destructors, you will never find out they have infested your house until and unless they have not produced much harm to your wooden structures. Once they have destroyed your expensive furntiture, you will naturally get to know about their invasion. But the purpose of this write up is to help find out before they produce any major harm to your things.

Follow these indicators, and will you find out the roots of termite invasion, if they really have invaded your house. The absence of these indicators will signify- no infestation.

  • Blistering and tunneling in woody structures, which have no holes or spaces naturally, indicates termite infestation. Making holes and slowly piercing through the surface are the only ways through which, termites can invade.
  • The next thing you can try out is, taping. Tap the surface of at least 3-5 different surfaces of wooden and compare the sound. A hollow and empty wooden sound indicates infestation. Though this method is not a sure shot method, but it helps by providing insinuations.
  • Third indicator can be their fecal matter. If your house is intruded by termites, then they will surely leave traces of their presence in the form of black or brown fecal matter. Fecal matter is the waste they excrete out of their body. You can look for such pellets near the wooden surfaces, which are potentially prone to termite infestation.

If you find some traces or a huge invasion by termites, then it is essential for you to get some expert pest control services from a pest control services company.

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