How to Know if He’s Going to Dump You

Men can shut their emotions off like a faucet. They are good at hiding their true feelings, so women sometimes find it hard to get through to them. But regarding break ups, men are as clear as water in giving in signs. Sure, they might deny it at some point—but actions speak louder than words. In addition, a woman’s instinct is generally correct. To help you confirm if your boyfriend may be dropping the break-up bomb on you soon, there are signs you can watch out for.

  • Frequent communication. Notice if there is a decrease in communication between the two of you. If he hasn’t acted like this before, there must be a reason why he hasn’t texted or called you as often. There are two probable reasons for this. First, he is secure in the relationship and feels that even if he doesn’t call you, it doesn’t mean he loves you less. Second, he wants to burn the bridge connecting you to him. If this happens, stop calling him. He might take it as desperation and will be turned off even more.

  • Notice if he talks with his female friends more often. Regarding relationship problems, men tend to confide in their female friends more. If his male and female friends are acting a little weird or start acting a little concerned for you, there must be something they know that you don’t.
  • He bails out on a date. If he’s been cancelling dates more frequently than before, he might be losing interest in you and the relationship. Fast and hurried dates can also indicate he doesn’t want to spend time with you. If he wasn’t like this before and suddenly switched to an attitude like this, be ready for the coming storm. A man always finds time for a woman he loves; that’s a fact.
  • He’s been picking fights. Notice if he gets easily angered by petty things you do. If he argues with you about small things or you two are fighting more often and he’s been the one to initiate the fights, prepare yourself. Guys don’t like to fight, and the only reason he provokes fights is to the disagreement as evidence the relationship is not going anywhere.
  • He stopped being affectionate and vocal about his feelings for you. At the start of the relationship he showers you with everyday calls and dates. He’s always been vocal about telling you he loves you. But if he’s stopped showing that, then you two might be on the brink of a break up. Notice if he stops cuddling with or kissing you. Notice also if he stops returning your “I love you,” no longer holds your hand, or fails to kiss you before you separate. If he’s losing interest, then the relationship is headed south.

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About the Author: Roberta Southworth is a psychiatrist by profession. She likes to help out people by writing informative tips on how people can to solve their family and relationship issues. She is currently staying in Ireland. She has 5 years of couple counseling experience.

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