How to Know If a Girl Likes You

Girls can appear to be complicated. Their gestures and ways of communicating can often confuse a man. But it is without a doubt easy to know if a girl likes you because girls are more emotionally wired and transparent. If she is angry or pissed off, she will let you know it. If she is happy, you can read it in her face even if she does not show it. If she is in love, you can tell just by the way she smiles.

  • Analyze her body language. A girl’s body will tell you more than what comes out of her lips. If her actions are always toward you (for example, while sitting on a bar stool she points her legs toward you), this is an indication she probably likes you. Women are more physically expressive than men, so you can easily figure out her feelings by the way she moves or the way she touches or approaches you.

  • Her friends know a lot of good things about you. It might be your first time to meet her friends, but find out how much they know about you. Girls like to share information with their girl friends. If they talk about you, then she might be interested in you. Watch the way they talk with you. If a girl friend mentions something like, “Our friend was right; you’re really nice!”, then she probably likes.
  • She calls and texts you almost every day. You know she has a busy life, but she sends you text messages asking how you are almost every day. Girls enjoy communicating and want to talk with someone they like. Notice how they always talk to their best friends. If she does this, then you have caught her interest and have gained points for yourself.
  • She spends time with you. Girls want to be with people they love; it’s a sense of security for them. It also serves as their love language. If she wants to be around you more often than usual, the she might really like you.
  • She buys you gifts. Girls are generous to the people they like. If she gives presents or treats even if it is not your birthday, then you must be special to her. Giving gifts is one of a girl’s most popular love language tactics.
  • She shares personal information with you. A girl can be protective of her personal space, but if she sees you as trustworthy she will let her guard down and allow you in. If she runs to you and not to her girl friends after major problems or happy news, then you can tell you fall as one of the first people on her priority list. Remember that girls want to share their joys and failures with someone they truly trust and love.

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About the Author: Roberta Southworth is a psychiatrist by profession. She likes to help out people by writing informative tips on how people can to solve their family and relationship issues. She is currently staying in Ireland. She has 5 years of couple counseling experience.

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