How to Keep African Greys

There is a kind of Parrot that is highly intelligent. This species of Parrot called an African Grey is a favorite pet. Consumers are buying them in pairs and store them in the same house. This method works well with a lot of different bord types. However, African Greys make not easily bond with other parrots at times. They have territorial natures and their social pattern may be different than other birds.  There is a way to have multiple parrots together if they are trained properly to behave. Here are some tips on how to encourage nice behavior between the Parrots.


Things You’ll Need:

  • Cages
  • Food bowls
  • Water containers
  • Perches
  • Toys

Step 1

You should start to have your parrots bond as early as possible. This will allow your African Grey parrots to feel like they are from the same same flock. Young African Greys under the age of 3 months will adjust to other birds with out much difficulty. They can even be from different parents as long as they are raised in the same cage. Be mindful that each bird has its own personality. So, if a new parrot may need a slow introduction.

Step 2

The older African Greys are the prime candidates for slow introducing. This means they are above the 3 month range. You can allow the birds to socialize for a short time. Increase the time span as they can tolerate each other. To help your older birds get use to other birds house them in separate cages. Move the cages closer little by little. If one of the birds has a bad reaction distance the cages again. Then try to move the birds closer as time passes. When the parrots allow you to put them next to one another in separate cages the open the doors to the cage and let the birds meet each other. After several weeks of this, they can be put in the same cage. If you see them visiting one another that’s a great sign.

Step 3

You can encourage them to get familiar with one another by spending time with the birds. This establishes you as the dominate member of their flock. This will also help your parrots solve behavioral issues. You can pet the birds every day, together and separately. Train them to sit on your finger. This establishes authority. When you talk to the, use authority in your tone of voice.

Step 4

African Greys are prone to get use to one person. You should work to keep them friendly towards human beings. African Greys will take the companionship of another bird over the human contact.  So keep up interaction by holding them, feeding them and cleaning their cages. It helps to have other people socialize with your birds as well.

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