How to Install Fonts

If you are wondering how to install or remove the fonts from the windows then here is the procedure which deals with the fonts in window. One has to check the compatibility before changing the fonts in it. There is certain task that has to be followed for it. The step by step process includes the various tasks and things that are required in general in order to make it work eventually. Before you set in to the installation process make sure that you have the basic necessity with the fonts being present all ready in it. Only if you have the fonts already what are to be removed then the removing of the fonts takes successfully else it results in error only. If in the case you do not have them right in the system that you own then make sure you have them installed before changing the fonts of the windows. To install the fonts, you must already have them on your flash drive, on your hard disk or on your CD/DVD.

The following steps explain you in installing the fonts into your windows OS:

  • Click the Start button, and then click on “Run”.
  • Type in the following (without the inverted commas””), and press enter “%windir%\fonts”
  • Click to Install New Font from the File menu
  • Note the drive letter in which you have the fonts to be installed and click it in Drives box of the Install       new font dialog box
  • Mostly the floppy disk drives have letters A or B. The typical CD drive letter is D.
  • Click on the folder in folders box that has your font.
  • Now the fonts in your folder will appear as a list in the Fonts box. Select the one you want by clicking and       click OK. If you want multiple fonts to be installed at the same time then select them all by using the CTRL       key. It is used to select multiple items. When you are not sure of the lists what exists normally under the       fonts list don’t worry and there is an option with default as a key and press it so that everything sets as       default.
  • Tick the check box labeled “Copy Fonts to the Fonts Folder”. The new fonts will be saved in the folder       Windows\Fonts.
  • Click OK.

Note that Windows supports only True Type fonts or fonts which are designed especially for Windows that may be purchased separately. Few programs also include special fonts which are installed as a part of program installation. Additionally True Type or special Windows fonts are all frequently included with the printers. Follow those directions which are included with those products in installing these fonts.

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