How to Identify Fake Pearls

A real string of natural or cultured pearls may be an expensive investment. Finer pieces of jewelry often are. Pearls are very diverse and you can wear them with just about anything. You can pair the necklace with casual or upscale outfits. Some people may not be able to identify whether the pearls are fake are real.  The two look so much a like that it really doesn’t make much difference aesthetically. However, in terms of worth and monetary value is actually very significant. However, the are quite a few ways to identify

genuine pearls from the fake versions.

Step 1

Pay attention to the phrasing. There are phrases that can indicate whether the pearls you are purchasing are real or faux. Key phrases like “simulated’, “faux”, “man made”, “resin” and/or “glass” are all linked to pearls that are not natural.

Step 2

Inspect your pearl item. Inspect the drill holes that were made in the pearl itself. Drill holes in faux pearls are larger than holes put in natural pearls generally.

Step 3

Test your pearl item a little further.Test the texture of the pearl in question by running it across your teeth. Fake pearls are smooth feeling. Real pearls are not smooth. They are gritty and have bumps. These are caused by the nacre of the pearl.

Step 4

Place your pearl item in direct sunlight. A natural pearl with have slight variations in color. It has a natural iridescence and refracts the colors of the spectrum. A fake pearl placed in the sunlight will not have iridescence. It will be mono-toned due to the paint.

Step 5

Place your pearl items in your hand. Natural pearls are more dense than fauz pearls. In the case that they faux pearls are made of glass, the weight difference may be exaggerated.

Step 6

Take notice of how the pearls are set. The clasps and closures are an indication of value. Natural pearls are more valuable than faux pearls, therefore, the materials used will also be of value. Real pearls are usually set in valuable metals like platinum, gold, and silver. It may be embellished by diamonds or other precious stones. Faux pearls are accented by faux gemstones. You may contact gold dealers Adelaide to buy gold as an investment.

Step 7

Natural pearls are grown inside a mussel. Imitation pearls are comprised of glass, plastic, shells and other materials. To make faux pearls seem real, some manufacturers make them out of hollowed glass and fill them with wax.  Other faux pearls are made from solid glass beds and are covered with many coats of pear essence by hand. This is to make the pearl like as close to natural as possible.

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