How to Honor your Pet after Death by Finding a Cemetery

A lot of owners, when waking to find their pet has passed, are flummoxed by grief, and within minutes, have to face the question of “what to do now”. Obviously the body cannot remain in the home, and immediate burial in the backyard might not be a possible option for various reasons.

  • The best way to hunt a cemetery is to search in internet and search for funeral services.
  • Find out about the local ordinances in your area. Most cities and counties will have ordinances governing every type of business including pet cemeteries. Make certain that you understand where a pet cemetery can be built.

  • Call a local funeral home, cemetery or cremation service. Such establishments deal exclusively with death care services and should be able to provide referrals for pet cemeteries near you. Furthermore, a growing number of funeral homes deal predominantly with pet burials. Inquire as to which mortuaries provide such services
  • Find land that is appropriate for the pet cemetery that you propose. Use the services of a business realtor if necessary.
  • Lay out the ground plan for the cemetery. Include a chapel, watering systems, gardens and plots in your plan. Decide how big each plot should be and how much money to charge for each. You may wish to divide the cemetery into sections by type or size of pet. Decide if you are going to have smaller plots for cremated animals
  • Contact an animal hospital or veterinary clinic. These business frequently handle animal remains and should be a good resource regarding pet cemeteries. In addition, they may be able to prepare the remains (usually through cremation) in a cost effective manner
  • Find suppliers for caskets, memorials, flat grave markers and flowers. Have these available for your bereaved pet owners. Make brochures to describe services and fees
  • Find a virtual pet cemetery. Sites such as provide a place online to memorialize your deceased pet (see Resources below). In addition, owners may add favorite stories and memories to commemorate their lost friend.
  • On the cemetery express your condole sense to your pet. Provide space for writing your letter to your pet. Express your pain and sorrow so that now you will be role model to create awareness about pet adoption.

It is really hard feeling when your lovable pet enters the gates of heaven. Normally pets are one among the family. So it is our duty to honor them, the best way to honor then is to buy a pet cemetery.

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