How to Help a Patient into the Shower or Bath

Helping a patient into the shower or bath is not easy, particularly when helping him into or out of the bath: avoid injury to yourself by keeping your back straight, bending your knees, and taking the weight on your legs and arms.

Depending on the amount of help the patient requires in the bath, follow one of the two methods here. A non-slip mat in the bath will help.

To help a patient out of the bath, follow the procedure in reverse. If the patient finds it hard to get up, drain the water, cover him with a warm towel and step into the bath yourself. Bend your knees, place your hands under his armpits, straighten your legs and lift him upright.

Helping the patient into the shower

  1. Position a chair near the shower. Place the shower seat in the correct position in the shower. Turn the water on and adjust to the right temperature, making sure it is not too hot. Help the patient to remove her nightdress and seat her on the chair. Help her to stand up, make sure she is steady, then help her to walk to the shower. She should stand with her back towards it.
  2. With your knees bent and your back straight, gently lower the patient on to the shower seat. Offer her any help she needs as she washes. Do not leave the room. When she has finished, turn the water off, then help her out on to the chair.

Helping the patient who needs a moderate amount of help into the bath

  1. Stand behind the patient and get him to grasp his wrist with his other hand. Slip your hands under his armpits and firmly grasp his forearms in front of his waist.
  2. Let the patient put both feet into the bath. Keeping your back straight and making your leg muscles do the work, bend your knees and lower him on to a bath seat or the floor of the bath.

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