How to Have Fun on a Movie Date

A movie date is more or less a very customary date experience. Almost always, movie dates are very amusing but they may not always be fun. You as well as your date will purchase a ticket, sit in a theatre and watch the film. However, you will watch half the film doubting whether or not this date will end up in a kiss. Go in for a little bit of out of the box thinking, and you as well as you date are bound to have so much fun that you will fondly remember the date often.

  • Firstly, learn your date’s choice and taste in films. You can actually think of having real fun at the movies only if you select a movie that is of your date’s taste. There is no point in taking your date out for a horror movie if your date does not prefer blood and gore. You may plan a surprise movie date for your date, and select a kids’ movie that both of you will enjoy. Even comedy movies make a good choice. In case it is your very first date, then try and avoid a romantic comedy. If you go in for a romantic comedy, your date may misinterpret that you are too keen and this may make the atmosphere tense.

  • Bring your own snacks like popcorn and soda by sneaking them into the theatre. As snacks at theatres are expensive, this will save you money and also make it fun to sneak in your snacks. Take a stop at any store en route and purchase the snacks together. Mostly, this is not allowed in theatres and you may be asked to leave if you are caught. You may be asked to never return. And if you are at a first date, it won’t give a good impression. You may seem cheap and give a very wrong impression.
  • Dress yourselves like the characters in the chosen movie. In case it’s not Halloween, you are bound to be stared at, but still a costume at a movie is real fun and makes you the star of attraction. If you are an extrovert, this maybe a perfect fun idea for you.
  • String up a bed sheet in your backyard and do a bonfire. Get your television set as well as DVD player in the backyard for a perfect setting for a movie underneath the shadow of the stars. Roasting marshmallows or hot dogs is indeed fun and the stars only make the scene much more romantic for a perfect movie date.

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