How to Have a Clean Camera Lens

People all over the world have the certain hobbies. Photography is one such great hobby. The camera has evolved over the time period with the improvement in technology. Digital cameras have their own advantages of higher storage and good image processing. To get clear and neat photographs one of the factor to be noted is a clean camera lens. We should keep the camera lens clean for clear photograph. This is highly important when focusing is done for a photograph. Certain steps to have a clean camera lens are given below.


We have to clean the camera lens in a clean and comfortable place. The place must be bright with sun light. This helps us to find the dirt and dust on the camera lens. But there should not be more wind and dust in the room which results in more dust in the lens.

When we are set in the room for cleaning the camera lens we have to remove the lens from the camera and inspect it. First we have to remove the camera lens. In case we are using filters in our camera we have to remove them also. We have to place them on a cloth in the table so that it protects the lens from scratches and abrasions. Then we have to keep them in the direct sun light so that we can find the dirt on the camera lens and we can clean them.

The next step is to clean the lens with the help of a soft brush. We have to dust the dirt layer in the lens with help of the softest brush available. Makeup brushes made from natural material will be useful. In case they are not available we have to find the brush specially designed for the camera lens. We have to clean with gentle strokes over the camera lens. We have to clean the place between the camera lens and the camera lens holder that the crevices as they may also have some dirt on them.

After dusting up we have to remove the strong dirt, which is the dirt due to oil and grime. We can remove this dirt with the help of lens cleaning liquid we have to spray it on the camera lens. Then with the help of a micro fiber cloth we have to rub the camera lens gently and remove the dirt which is firm on the surface of the camera lens. Then we have to use a new micro fiber to remove the remains of the cleaning liquid.

We have to clean the filters also. We have to follow the same procedure to clean the filters. Certain filters have thin layer of film which we have to carefully clean. We should not use normal cloth for cleaning because it will damage the lens only.

We have to dry the lens with help of electrically pumped air. We have to remove the dirt. We have to use a cloth to cover the mouth of the pump so that the air is dust free.

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