How to Harvest and Store Corn

Fresh corn is really nice and good to have and there is nothing in this world like it when it is on cob. If you really want to get best corns, then you should harvest them at the right time. The sweetness of corn gets reduced once you harvest them from the field since it will convert its food which contains sugar into starch. It will do that process with in 24 hours. If you taste after one day, then you can taste the left out alone. People who are really interested to taste its sweetness need to boil it as quick as possible. You just boil them once they are plucked out from the corn stalk and now you can enjoy your corn.

You must be very careful in taking care of corns when the ears of it start to form because the sweetness of corn basically depends on it. It depends on amount of sunlight and temperature during that period. The variety of corn also matters in this regard. It is really hard to make sugar during hot days than during winter seasons. During these periods, the process actually speeds up to a great extent. This is the reason for the sweetness of corns. Due to the variation in seasons, most of the high quality breeds cannot produce sweeter corns.

The following tips help you in harvesting them at a right time. First verify the corns for its picking time. If the silks of the corn turn into brown color and the skin somewhat damp enough then you can make sure that they get ready for the harvesting process. If you want to confirm it further, just pierce a kernel and partially remove the husk in the outer side. A milky liquid comes out of the kernel if it really ripened. If the liquid is clear then you can assure that the corns are not ready. Sometimes you get nothing by doing so, it means that the corn matured too much and get ready to pick them.

Even it doesn’t mature, you can harvest them. But you couldn’t get the same taste if you do so. Sometime the above process can not help you to verify them properly because it may also due to the activities of vulnerable birds, pests and insects.

After harvesting them, keep them in a safe place. The place should not very cold or hot. You can use the fridge to store them safely.

You can store them in freezer also to keep them fresh. But you can not place them directly. First you need to chop them and make it into pieces and then keep them inside plastic bags. Now you can place them in freezer.

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