How to Grow a Shade Tree

If you have a garden, perhaps you have considered growing a tree to provide adequate shading for your garden. When choosing the right tree for this purpose, you will want a tree with a fast growth rate that will give your garden all the shade it needs to thrive. If the tree you choose is not a fast growing tree by nature, there are a few measures you can take to promote a speedy growth. Once it’s fully grown, make sure that it gets regular tree pruning service from a company like

Basically, there are 2 categories of trees: short lived trees and long lived trees. If the only purpose your tree will be serving is for shade, then it will be best to opt for a short lived tree. However, if you want to keep your tree for many years, then a long lived tree will be better.

Purchasing a short lived tree means it will need to have a fast growth rate. This means that the roots of the tree will be fairly aggressive. Because of this, make sure you do not plant the tree near other plants with deep roots or next to septic tanks. The more space the roots have to spread out, the faster your tree will grow. Also, since your tree will be proving shade, make sure it is planted in good proximity to the garden for optimal shade; the southern or western sides usually provide the most shade.

A good preparation of the soil is one way to promote the growth of your shade tree. When you begin to dig in the soil, make a fairly large hole for the root ball of the tree. Before you replace the soil that you dug out, it should be worked over well enough so that the roots can better penetrate the soil. Also, mix in the right amount of fertilizer and nutrients in the soil before placing it back into the ground. Mulch is recommended. These measures will ensure that your tree grows fast and healthy.

When looking at the various types of trees to plant, you may notice that the root ball of some trees come in a burlap bag, while others are in a container or bare. If the tree you decide to purchase comes with a burlap bag, it should be planted anytime between fall and spring. Trees that come with a container can be planted at anytime during the year, and those trees that have bare roots should be planted between winter and spring. Root balls that come in a container can sometimes become constricted, so this is something to check for before purchasing this type. Make sure that you are constantly providing moisture to the tree as soon as you purchase it.

When planting the tree, it is best that it is planted at the right depth. Do not compress the soil too much when replacing it in the hole, and the tree should be watered immediately after it is planted and before applying the mulch. As stated earlier, you should use an organic type of mulch that should sit about 2-3 inches at the base of the tree above the soil.

Nitrogen fertilizer is recommended during the tree’s beginning stages of life. The packaging of the fertilizer will inform you of how much should be used and when. While your tree is still young, it is important that you do not apply too much of the fertilizer.

There are many other ways in which you can get your tree to grow faster. But the most important thing to remember is to plan accordingly. With good planning that includes regular tree trimming or tree pruning service, your tree will be providing your garden the perfect amount of shade within no time. Also, if there are any unhealthy trees in your property, you may contact a tree removal company to have them safely removed before they infect other trees.

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