How to Green Clean your Kitchen in 5 minutes

Kitchen is the most important place in your home which needs more attention because of the work done over there. For cooking you are using many utensils and other things. You need to wash after their work gets over. So lot of work will be there in kitchen everyday. If you reduce that time, you can use your busy time in any other fruitful work. So you must clean your kitchen within few minutes to carry out that work. You can do it without the use of chemicals and green cleaning will help to do that. The following tips will help you in doing green cleaning process in your kitchen.


  • First take care of the dishes in kitchen. Most of you get tensed while looking at them. So it is better to hide them from your eyes. You can have dishwasher to do that and you can put your utensils in to it and keep them in some place. You can also soak your dishes in water which contains sprinkle of soda lime. After doing that, just forget about dishes and you can take care of them later.

  • Then the problem is with your trash. It is the most annoying thing in kitchen. First take a garbage can in your hand and move around everywhere in the kitchen. Put your waste remains in to the trash which is present in your kitchen. If you did it already, it is better to go once again the kitchen and search for them. You may miss some trash pieces somewhere without your knowledge. Then bring the garbage can out of the home and keep it in a corner place. You can use it again if it doesn’t contain any bad odor and it is clean. Then you may consider hiring a garbage removal or junk removal service to help you dispose your trash properly.
  • There may be bad smell in the kitchen due to food stuffs you are using daily. So you need to keep your kitchen with good smell and aromatic. You can use either air sanitizer or air freshener to do that job. You can also use scented candles to keep good smell in kitchen which is in your home.
  • You can also make use of others help in your house to clean your kitchen and so you can finish in no time. You can finish it faster when there is more number of people. No one wants to have a messy look of their kitchen if they have some guests in their home. So you must keep clean your kitchen in easy and effective way.

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