How to Glue a Bicycle Spoke

The rod which connects the central part hub of the wheel which makes the turn more controllable and efficient is called the bicycle spoke. The spoke of the bicycle gets broken at times due to several reasons. When the bicycle is ridden very hardly or when has it got old and rusty then it happens. Following it carefully makes the below procedure go easy. It doesn’t mean that you should be a genius, professional or a handyman or techie. Just go through to know more.

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  • The broken spokes are removed from the bicycle wheel through bicycles body. Just with the help of the lever over the wheel it can be done. Once when it is flipped then it loosens by itself automatically with just a pull is enough from the bicycle body. The inner tube must be taken out from the bikes rim. Don’t forget it at any cause. Also remove the plastic if rolled around the rim.

  • The broken spoke is disassembled carefully. Both the pieces are then removed. Nothing should be left in the bicycle outside. The nut is unscrewed and kept in a safe place from the spokes end. The broken pieces are replaced with the new ones which can be obtained from the nearest bike shop. The weight and height may differ at all cases. So be sure that the replaced part and the obtained spoke fits and one and the same in its properties.
  • The new spoke is inserted into the hole from the central hub. It should be inserted in such a way with direction towards the vacant hole present at the other end nearer to the tire. Follow the pattern approach when you are unsure and then scrutinize the other provided spokes. It is then threaded with the neighbor spokes till the rim is reached.
  • Now the nut is screwed back tightly at the new spokes end. The spoke wrench must be properly secured and it should be made sure by all means. The new spokes capacity and positional nature must match and should be one in the same when compare to that of the old one. The nut is then tightened till proper tension is obtained.
  • Now over the body the wheel and the inner tube are reattached .make a slip and ensure that the one edge of tire completely goes around the rim. The tire is then checked for inflation if needed and then is moved back to bicycle.

These steps are much effective and can be done by anyone. Make fun and good luck!

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