How to Give the Best Sensual Massage

To make your massage sensual, simply approach the strokes in a different way. You can still use the familiar massage movements, but their quality and your intention will be different. Concentrate on the feel of your touch and the responses of your partner’s body, using your hands sensitively to arouse and excite. Let your strokes linger. Use your fingertips to caress, explore and tantalize, building upon every sensation. Focus on the sensitive areas of your partner’s body. Aphrodisiac oils include sandalwood, patchouli and ylang-ylang. Add to the intensity by inventing gentle touches of your own, using not only your hands but feet, breath, hair. Aim simply to delight and captivate your partner.

Stroking with hair

Use your body in creative ways in order to heighten your partner’s senses. Brushing your partner’s body with your hair feels wonderful. Trail your hair along your partner’s back, over the soles of the feet or palms of the hands, gently flicking the ends of your hair over the skin. Always keep your attention focused on your partner’s body. Discover and invent new ways of touching.

Best Sensual Massage

Kneading over the neck muscles

Use your thumb and forefinger to gently knead over the neck muscles, softly releasing any tension. This feels particularly good before and after turning the head. Squeeze and lift the muscles, continuing up through the hair and toward the base of the skull. The back of the neck is an extremely sensitive area. Every single attention to detail will make your partner feel special.

Pulling the hair

Gently finger and pull at your partner’s hair, giving little tugs at the roots and stroking the strands right up to the very ends. This is a wonderful way of ending a massage over the head and neck. Everyone loves having their hair gently touched, caressed and played with.

Stroking the thigh

Total concentration, as well as physical closeness, is a very sensual experience. Run your fingers along the thighs, focusing on the feel and texture of the skin, as well as that of the muscles.

Stroking the elbow crease

Explore the sensitive parts of your partner’s body. Stroke along the elbow crease, gently dragging your fingertips over the skin and making soft, slow circles around the joint. Then, brush lightly and allow your touch to trail away off the body. Every part of your partner’s body can become a sensual focus.

Pushing across the shoulder blade

Gently support your partner’s body from underneath, then use the heel of your hand to ease the muscles over the shoulder blade, pushing toward the joint. Work slowly and thoroughly, trailing your strokes down the arm. This is a warming and tender stroke. Releasing tense muscles is caring in action.

Blowing over and on the back

Be inventive. The skin is the largest sensory organ of the body. There are many ways you can awaken your partner’s skin and bring each part of the body alive in turn. Blowing softly on and over the back after massaging provides a gentle pause and allows you to vary the intensity of the experience. Keep your lips as relaxed as possible.

Stroking the shoulder

Use your fingertips to gently trace over your partner’s skin. Circle, draw, brush and caress with every finger and every part of your hand. Use your touch to stimulate the skin before massaging an area, to convey tenderness, to relax or comfort, soothe away tension or arouse. Experiment with the position of your own body so that while you are releasing tension, you are remaining physically close.

Arm stretch

Use creative touches to make your massage special. Raise your partner’s arm and slowly pull the arm back behind the head. Grasp each other’s wrists as you perform the stretch, so that your partner is playing a more active part. This gives the stretch a whole different feel.

Best Sensual Massage

Mutual foot massage

A mutual massage is always a great idea. Try this one for the feet. Bring your feet together and pushing firmly against each other, use the toes, heels and balls of your feet to press over the soles of your partner’s, covering as much skin as possible. Then rest, just toes touching.

Caressing the hands

In sensual massage, you can be creative with your bodies. Delicately run your fingers over your partner’s hand, lingering over every detail. Touching softly, even when you are so familiar, opens up whole new ways of seeing your partner. It is an immensely powerful statement.

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