How to Get your own Short Code SMS text Number

Common Short Code, also known as CSC is a short number with which you can send text messages without the use of any network provider. These types of numbers are often used by businesses to send their offers to thousands of people, advertising agencies to advertise any product at a large scale through text messages and large corporate. In order to get your own common short code, follow the steps given below:


  • First of all choose your desired number. It would be best if this number is easy to remember and is related to your business in some aspect.

  • Visit CSC Administration site and register there for an account. They will provide you with an online form. Fill that form and submit. You will also have to pay a little fee for this service. You can have a look their FAQs to get more information about filling the form.
  • There is a Search Tool available in the CSC Administration account where you can search for the availability of your desired number. You can also generate a random number from the website.
  • Once you have chosen a number and seek its availability, you can go to your account and apply for a new CSC number. In a single order you can apply for at most twenty CSC numbers.  They will provide you with another online form; fill it and submit it.
  • The fee for a random number is five hundred dollars while your own selected number will cost about thousand dollars. This fee has to be paid on monthly basis. The number can be leased for a specific period of time. After that you’ll have to renew your order. If you have not paid the amount within sixty days of your order, the number will appear as available to everyone for purchase.
  • After the payment has been made, you’ll need to log on to your account and fill out the details about your campaign. On submitting the campaign will be forward to the CSC Administration for approval.
  • Once CSC Administration has approved your campaign, all the wireless carriers around the world will be forwarded the number and your number will be available to everyone to send messages to.

Since the last step can fail, you will have to give all the details to CSC Administration about your campaign in order to get approval. Your account will get active and thus this step would also prove to be simple like the steps before. So try to be specific and descriptive while entering the details of your campaign.

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