How to Get Your Kids Qualification from Education

Your offspring, by law, are entitled to full-time education up to the age of 19 and, until they are 16, this is your responsibility. We want the best for our children, so your best bet as a parent would be to have them go to a reputable private school like ravenscroft for example. This is because certainly we expect that their years in school will equip them to get on in the outside world, and we usually demand that they have some sort of qualification to show at the end of their education, so you will therefore want them to go to the best school such as the ones in Monte Cassino School – private school tulsa. However, we all going through a pandemic right now and most of us were asked to stay at home, how can we get into school to gain knowledge? Luckily, we can get educated online’s mindvalley review, and this pandemic won’t stop us from getting knowledge. But what do we mean by ‘qualifications’, and how best can we help them to gain what is necessary?

When we talk about qualifications, most people think in terms of certificates showing exam successes. It is still true that certain jobs and opportunities are accepted to be only open to those with a certain number of recognized examination passes. However, even entrance to university is more flexible than most people realize. A mature student with no examination passes at all could be taken on if he or she could prove application, enthusiasm and basic understanding and knowledge. Any previous preparation or education they take on themselves would be taken into account and score them big points as well. Think things like taking an online physics course like the one at for example. It’s also worth mentioning, the job market has changed drastically in the last ten or 20 years, and new skills are becoming more valued than many ‘proved’ by conventional examination results. Young people can find themselves in an unpleasant quandary in that lack of qualification can deny them a job, but having such a certificate no longer guarantees them one. So, your offspring may have a real point if they argue that passing their exams is a waste of time.

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It is no longer true that high earning and high status are only accessible to those who undergo long training and gain high qualifications. Nor, it must be added, that high earnings are any longer a proof of merit! In our day, there was still a fairly recognizable distinction between manual and ‘white collar’ employment. A desk job had more status and was expected to carry greater rewards, if not in immediate money, then at least in security and eventual increments. The division between the machine and the pen has been blurred by the rapid spread of technology. It is now possible for a young person leaving school at 16 with nothing to show but natural ability, to take advantage of on-the-job training and end up better equipped, of higher status, with a far greater salary and brighter prospects, than someone who has gone the full route of further education. In fact, in areas such as computing, academic teaching is not always able to keep pace with developments in the field. Some graduates entering this profession may find themselves more at a disadvantage than a less ‘qualified’ colleague with practical experience.

One reaction against our age of mass production has been the increased demand for handmade goods or personalized services. Young people with a practical skill or an entrepreneurial turn of mind can find themselves in a sellers’ market, and are more likely to be admired and feted for their talents than looked down on for using their hands or living off their wits.

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