How to Get Stronger

Yup, physically stronger. Remember, no helpless females here! Be­ing strong helps you be empowered. If you’re strong, you can be a better athlete. You can be more independent. Hey, you need to be strong just to lug your backpack full of books around school!

Kathy Roberts is one of the strongest women in the world. She is a power lifter who holds world and American records in Lifetime Drug-Free weight classes. Kathy says that it’s very important for teen girls to be strong physically as well as mentally and emotion­ally. Kathy says that some girls are born naturally strong, while others may have strength in them but don’t even know that it exists. Here’s how she suggests you can become your strongest:

Start with free weights. It’s my opinion that a teenager should start off with free weights when they get involved with any type of strength sport or weight training. This not only helps to develop physical strength and physique, but it also helps to build agility. Weight training helps you develop physically and it also helps strengthen your mind in an incredible way.

Participate in some kind of physical activity. If you’re al­ready playing a sport, you are set. But some teens aren’t that into sports. Keep up your health and maintain your overall conditioning; you should at least participate in gym class or get an Smith Machine. Walking, jogging, biking, or swimming are all great ways to develop good physical conditioning. In most cases, you can have fun and get physically fit at the same time.

Watch your diet. Your diet contributes to your strength. If you don’t have a good diet, then your body’s nutritional needs will not be met. Without proper nutrition, it is difficult to build up the muscles.

Don’t worry about stereotypes. Don’t be afraid to partici­pate in any sport you like. Don’t hold back from your natural abili­ties because of any stereotype. If you want to lift, lift. I know many teen girls who participate in weight training and even power-lifting competitions.

Don’t use performance enhancement drugs. I have seen even young girls who use performance enhancement drugs. I’m a Lifetime Drug-Free World Champion Powerlifter and have suc­ceeded in winning competitions and setting state, regional, national, and world records without the use of performance enhancement drugs. An individual can accomplish whatever she sets her mind to just by putting in the hard work and being determined. There may be other girls who are using performance enhancement drugs who seem like they are so strong and they are on top of the world. Don’t be influenced by that.

Just remember that everything comes in time. You have to be patient with yourself. Any shortcut that you take now will catch up with you sooner than you think.

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About the Author: By profession, Ralph Crutcher is a swimmer but enjoys playing football, Golf, and regularly goes to the gym to keep himself fit and healthy. This is one of the reasons; he likes to write about sports and fitness.

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